Call Out Wittenberge

time: 3-5 july, 4-10pm daily
place: ihre veränderungsschneiderei, bahnstr. 59
hides: bismarckplatz, bahnstr. corner of auguststr., packhofstr.

Walking through the streets of Wittenberge in July, you will see the results of plan b’s work with the people of the town to leave comments about the place they live in.

Looking at Wittenberge on Google Earth, it is clear that the people of Wittenberge have not left information about their city for other users. The only mention on Google Earth is three petrol stations clearly posted by a transient community for a transient community and not for people interested in staying and learning more about Wittenberge. Call Out Wittenberge sets out to redress this.

As you walk through the town, you will see hides (Hochsitze) growing incongruously out of the pavement, offering new views on the town. Once inside, the visitor will not only see Wittenberge from a unique perspective, but also see photographs of people in Wittenberge holding signs that inform, annotate or comment on the locations they are in.

In the former library in the middle of town, we as plan b were present, adding to the collection of comments about Wittenberge. We went out with whoever wanted to, asking them to stand at the point they wanted to comment on, holding a sign that will carry their message about their town.

Finally, plan b posted these comments onto Google Earth so that the townspeople as well as others would be able to see what they say about Wittenberge.

wittenberge citizens annotate their town

  • bismarckplatz
  • Steintor
  • Goethestr-10-12
  • Platz-der-Freiheit
  • Rathaus-Ausssicht
  • Elbstrasse
  • Bahnstr-1
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hochsitze installation shots