MySpace – YourSpace – OurSpace

the chance to create your own RealSpace (NOT trademarked)

Participants in MySpace — YourSpace — OurSpace created RealSpace profiles and networks with like-minded people in ‘reality.’ Participants filled out the account questionnaire (not on a computer, but with a physical pen or pencil), thought up a user name, and were given an A5 cardboard tray. Each profile did not receive much server space, but is space was real. Participants used scissors, paper, glue, magazines and anything else that would fit in a cardboard tray, to create what they wanted in their profile. They could use of whichever colors or textures they wanted, and they could even make their profile smell.


When a particpant’s profile was ready, he or she would install it in the server (wooden shelving in a window) and coule then message other account holders using glue-on-envelope smtp servers.

We make the following promises to users:

Your profile is your property: you can take it away at the end of the exhibition
If you don’t like your profile, you have the right to delete (destroy) it
Your profile will not be sold on to any third party
We will not compromise your security by allowing identity theft