Soul Lines

Is technology making us move through life too fast? Is there still space for the spiritual in an increasingly technologised and known world? When were you last fully whole?

Soul Lines is based on the idea that the soul can only travel at (camel or human) walking pace and that moving faster results in your soul becoming dislocated from you. Soul Lines will be a smartphone app which enables you to find out when you and your soul will be reunited, should you ever have to travel faster than walking. The simple, reduced map display shows not your position, but the souls and it will alert you when it arrives.

The project is currently in development, collaborating with creative technologist David Chatting.

Soul Lines photo: plan b

The preparatory work on Soul Lines was a Near Now commission from the Broadway in Nottingham. It developed from work in collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University and the English and Geospatial departments there