Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New (plan b) have been making a wide variety of work together since 2002.

They have also recorded everywhere they go with a GPS since 2003 (Belasco) and 2007 (New) as well as every SMS text message they send each other

plan b CV

  • Redrawing GPS-recorded Journeys since 2007 as part of Tracing Mobility 2011
    tracing our mobility
  • Daniel Belasco Rogers All Journeys in Berlin 2004 Akademie Installation Photo: Timo Ohler
  • 'Everywhere We've Been 2007-2011'
  • Everywhere We've Been 2007-2011011 (2012) Detail Photo: Belasco New
    everywhere we've been
  • Five Years of Coming Home (2012) Photo: Belasco New
    4 years of coming home
  • Installation View of The Re-drawing of Everywhere We’ve Been in Berlin Since 2007 and The printing of every text message we sent each other since 2007 photo: Manuel Reinartz