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Talking jacquard looms at Janus and Arachne

Jacquard weave Eva Koziol Fabric: Eva Koziol, photo: Robin Sydney Willscheidt

Thanks to Mona Kuschel, we met Eva Koziol last week of Janus and Arachne here in Berlin to find out about jacquard loom weaving, leaving with a lot more knowledge about the process and some wonderful samples of her work like this portrait above. We are planning to encode our GPS data in fabric for a forthcoming exhibition curated by Gretta Louw at the Villa Merkel in Esslingen later this year. Thanks also to our current intern from Stanford University, Robin Sydney Willscheidt for accompanying us and taking some pictures. We call the visualisation we are working on a ‘birch forest visualisation’ and you can find out more about it here.

Performative Artists Talk at Linear Momentum


We will give a performative artists’ talk on Thursday 24th November at 7pm as part of the Linear Momentum group exhibition at the Galerie im Körnerpark in Neukölln (Schierker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin), curated by Conny Becker

We will present our daily practice of recording everywhere we go with GPS and the outcome of this as trace and line. We will also perform an excerpt from Narrating Our Lines, in which we play an animation of journeys from previous years and try to remember the human events behind the abstracted traces. The animation was created for us as open source software by Peter Vasil.

Our engraved acrylic piece All Our Traces in Berlin 2011 and Dan’s Drawing Machine II are also on display as part of the exhibition which runs until January 22nd.

plan b at KW in Berlin for General Public in Exile

On Thursday 11th December we are taking part in General Public in Exile and Errant Bodies‘ event reality is a very strong move at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin). Doors open at 7pm, 3 Euro admission (we are currently scheduled to be the first performance, at 7pm)

We will be performing an extract from our live durational performance Narrating Our Lines, where we set the database of our GPS traces running and use it as a prompt for our memories of where we were and what we were doing.

“Errant Bodies and General Public open the doors for an evening in exile, presenting performances and works that use performance as a term. Chosen kin plays an important role, as do relationships, expanded networks, political action, music, and silent interventions.
How are fractured, individual narratives and biographies related to cultural-geographic histories, and how do they come to play in a collective at large? There is only a fine line between (self)definition and questioning existence as such. You could take it with a smile, but you can just as easily fall apart completely at the confrontation with the foreign that exists inside ourself.
With Gilles Aubry, Fabienne Audeoud, Antonia Baehr, Serge Baghdassarians, Graw Böckler, Chat, Kane Do, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ernesto Estrella, Deli Gleba, Akın Kazuk, Eva Meyer Keller, Käthe Kruse, Edda Kruse-Rosset, Brandon LaBelle, Michael Laurent, Ligna, plan b, Kirsten Reese, Catarina Santos, Heidi Sill, Annette E. Stahmer, Dorothy Valence, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff, and Ella Ziegler.”

Narrating Our Lines is made possible using specially commissioned open source software written by Peter Vasil.

We hope to see you there

walks and traces… Off the Map, Salzamt, Linz, opening 2 April

A drawing machine made by dbr as part of his residency at the Salzamt in Linz
Dan’s residency at the Salzamt in Linz ends with the group exhibition walks and traces… Off the Map which opens on Wednesday 2 April at 7pm. Curated by Sibylle Ettengruber, the group show also features work by Regina Jose Galindo, Vera Drebusch, Michael Höpfner, Saša Karalić, Sigrid Krenner and Johanna Serdinschek.

Dan will be showing his latest Drawing Machine, made during the residency as well as nine drawings made with it around the sights of Linz. Alongside these he is showing a redrawing of all of his traces in Linz to date as a work on paper made with Peter Vasil’s drawinglife software.

The exhibition will run at the Salzamt until 16 May. Free Entrance.

The GPShow (working title) at Ausland, Sunday 9th March

visualisation of gps traces by time

This Sunday (9th), we will be presenting the result of our residency at Ausland in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin (Lychener Str. 60) at 5pm. It will be a performance lasting about an hour with a working title of The GPShow.

As some of you know, we have recorded every journey we make outside with a GPS since 2003 (Dan) and 2007 (Soph). For The GPShow, we will concentrate on the last five years, producing new drawings, visualizations and videos while we explore performatively, what it means to get to know the GPS system through a daily practice, what the consequences of this use might be as it is increasingly embedded into the technology we all carry and the systems we rely on and ask what agency we have over the equipment we seemingly own.

Entrance is 3 EUR on the door. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon.